There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren't as good as others.

Raymond Chandler

Carolina Moon Distillery is reclaiming the culture of small-scale distilling as a craft, returning to the use of quality corn and fresh, local ingredients. Whereas major distillers use the entire run, we only use the "heart" of each batch to yield the best spirits possible.

We ensure that each individual batch meets the highest quality standards, using absolutely no shortcuts. Our products are distilled, bottled and packaged by hand here at the distillery. The pride we feel in our products extends from the selection of quality ingredients, right through to the finished product.

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Distillery talk and tour* lasts approximately 10 minutes. The tour is free and optional. Call ahead for groups 10 or more!

CM-Ten G’s
Ten G's
10 Governors Approved

80 proof, 6x distilled, made with 100% corn. Proudly named after Edgefield's contribution to South Carolina politics and 10 Governors or Lieutenant Governors. This remarkably smooth vodka will have you thinking about becoming a Governor, too!

CM-Tally Ho
Tally Ho
A Salute to the Fox Hunts of Aiken

80 proof, distinctive Carolina bourbon aged in American White Oak Barrels. Handcrafted to meet the standards of excellence of the Huntsman, bringing you the finest in flavor, smoothness and finish.

CM-Rabbit Spit
Rabbit Spit
High Octane Moonshine

116 proof, made from the heart of the run for those purists who just love high octane. Despite the high proof, Rabbit Spit is a very smooth spirit made from locally grown corn. "Edgefield Whiskey... Mean enough to make a rabbit spit in a bull dog's face!” - Judge Robert Davore (circa 1820)

CM-Ole Tom
Ole Tom
5 Year Barrel Select Whiskey

80 proof, slow aged sipping whiskey. Discovered in the hills of Kentucky, perfected on the ridge of South Carolina. Smooth and easily served over ice. Ole Tom's name pays homage to the National Wild Turkey Federation in Edgefield.

Lady Belle
Aged in Charred Peach Wood

Peaches are the name of the game in Edgefield, and our neighboring town of Johnston even proclaims itself the “Peach Capitol of the World.” This smooth rum, peach infused during the distillation process before aging in charred peach wood, gets its name from the variety of peaches originally used to craft it.

IMG_0788 (1)
Black Betty Whiskey
Four Year Old Aged Whiskey

Black Betty Whiskey is back! After careful aging for four years in gently used Oak Barrels, you will be sure to like this spirit and her triumphant return to the shelves.  She draws her name from the 18th century product produced by the Scotch Irish settlers of the Carolinas, using this name to distinguish it from their un-aged Poteen.

Fruit Moonshine

The infused delicious taste of local fruit comes through in our 80 proof fruit shines. Smooth, and not overwhelmingly sweet in taste, our moonshine is handcrafted the traditional way using locally grown corn. Available in Blackberry, Peach, and Strawberry.

Our spirits are only available at 116 Courthouse Square Edgefield, SC

Y'all Come!

Preserving a Southern Tradition


David Long


Master Distillers and co-owners David Long, Cal Bowie and Bill Hatch, obtained a custom-made pot still and started cooking in 2013. The owners of Carolina Moon Distillery also became the Mashers, Tasting Room Clerks, Chief Bottle Washers, Sales & Marketing Directors, Chiefs of Operations, Bottle Labelers and Distillery Tour Guides.

Both lifelong residents of Edgefield County, David and Cal are passionate about doing their part in revitalizing the small, but vibrant, town of Edgefield that is so rich in history. They personally oversee each and every batch from start to finish, and that's something you won't find with major distillers.


Cal Bowie



Ric Vann

Still Master

Martha MacDonald

Shop Master


Look for the big "WHISKEY" sign.


Tues - Sat: 11 AM - 5 PM
Sun - Mon: Closed


116 Court House Square
Edgefield, SC 29824